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2011 100 Acre Wood Rally America Press Release/ Group 2 Wrap Up by Matt; Video by Matt Johnston Rally America Recap Video 3:08-3:13 Honey Jar Challenge Article Tim Williams photo watersplash Tim Williams photo Christopher Stryker photo Nathan Thompson photo

2011 Sno*Drift Lee Sam video Thunder River amazing fires
Scott Rains photo sliding corner Scott Rains photo little tree Jason Perkins photos super special stage Nathan Vanderveen photo Lee Sam photo service area

2010 Lake Superior Pro Rally Max Attack! 3:53-4:06 day 1 9:36-9:43 day 2 1:15-1:20 1:34-1:39 Jerry Winker photo jump off kicker

2010 New England Forest Rally 9:40-9:50 :26-:37 1:17-1:28 5:18-5:33 4:07-4:11 6:36-6:38 :24-:36 three wheel jump

2010 Susquehannock Trail Rally Rally America Recap Video :28-:32 nice tail sliding corner better angle of corner with loud car in-car of us assisting Sullivan Van Way's rolled car STPR photo in forest

2010 100 Acre Wood 1:58-2:06 sweet beards 3:05-3:07 puddle splash in-car video chasing Huebbe's VW beetle Aaron Pierce photo of Red Goat Livery Shawn Manny Photo Shawn Manny Photo Chris Stryker Photo

2010 Sno*Drift in-car video frustrating weekend 540 degree spin 1:04-1:12 Sno*Attack video creatively breaking a tire at service

2009 Lake Superior Pro Rally Jerry Winker Photo blurry fast
Second Place Rally America photo contest- nice big splash

2009 Ojibwe Forest Max Attack! 0:54-1:04 2:37-2:51 5:07-5:15

2009 New England Forest Rally in-car video of a roll and its aftermath

2006 Lake Superior Rally 4:03-4:15 jumps on Brockway mountain in-car video night stage second half is famously rough 6:32-6:52 flying fast into the Delaware Delta

2006 Ojibwe Forest Rally :28-:36 VWs at Ojibwe catching a Focus onstage

2005 Newton Daily News Hometown newspaper article

Do not lose hold of your dreams or aspirations. For if you do, you may still exist but you have ceased to live.

Find secret links hidden in the Jetta (photo by Scott Rains- World Rally Sport)