Bent Mettle is ...

Left to Right
Crew Chief: Marc Bushore
Andy Bushore
Driver: Matt Bushore
Co-Crew Chief: Barney Bushore

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Worldwide Headquarters
Bent Mettle Racing
7271 Plymouth Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


Thanks to all our friends for pitching in when we needed help.
We will be sending you all a pet monkey.

Alin Dragoiu Co-driver, Ojibwe 2004; Service crew, Lake Superior 2004
Shannon & David Johnson Service crew, Ojibwe 2004
Jeff Bothee & friends Service crew, Lake Superior 2004
Doug Havir Lent Andy a Helmet for his first race, Lake Superior 2004
Guy we met in Parking Lot Van driver, Rally de Paris 2004
GNI Guys Roadside help, Sno*Drift 2005
Josh Chang Service crew, Sno*Drift 2005, LSPR 2009
Josh Angus Service crew, 100AW 2005
Blade McQuiggen Service crew, STPR 2005
Scott Cannon Service crew, Ojibwe 2005, LSPR 2005, 100AW 2006, LSPR 2006
Travis Pastrana Private tutorial on how to do backflips, 100 Acre Wood 2006
Karen Wagner Co-Driver, Ojibwe 2006, Rally West Virginia 2008
Katie C. Service crew, Maine 2006
Kim D. Service crew, LSPR 2006
Miles Bothee Lent us a wheel, LSPR 2006
Dave Parps Co-Driver, 100 Acre Wood 2008
Brian Dondlinger Service Crew, 100 Acre Wood 2008
Ben Slocum Co-Driver, Sno*Drift 2009
Robert Conens Service Crew, Sno*Drift 2009
Dave Shindle Co-Driver, New England Forest 2009
Ashley Bowers Service Crew, New England Forest 2009
Kim Demotte Co-Driver, Ojibwe 2009
Tami Bushore Service crew, Sno*Drift 2010
Corinne Kimberlin Service Crew, Sno*Drift 2010
Gary Wiggins Lent us a fuel pump, 100 Acre Wood 2010
Josh Mundy Service Crew, NEFR 2010
Noah Spain Service Crew, Ojibwe 2010
Erik "Tubs" Hardy Service Crew, Sno*Drift 2011
Kenny Thorstenson Service Crew, Sno*Drift 2011
Chris Greenhouse Pulled us out of snow drift, Sno*Drift 2011
Billy Mann Lent us a wheel, LSPR 2011

Special thanks to all the unnamed race organizers, control workers, corner marshalls, sweep teams, emergency
personnel and event photo/videographers.


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